Our Mission

Helping individuals and families achieve the living spaces of their dreams – one project at a time. A space free of clutter, full of function, for comfort and peace of mind.

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At Keep It Together – Spaces & Interiors we will work to assist our clients in organizing, decluttering, and styling their living spaces. Everyone deserves to reside in a place they can live comfortably; a true place of retreat from the world.

It is our goal to provide you with personalized planning and convenient, on-site (and/or virtual) service. We offer quality product selections, design planning and guidance, procurement of furnishings, furniture placement, and accessorizing for a unified, finished look. Our job is to assist you in your selections while working within your time frame and budget. Most importantly, it is our mission to assist in finding your design style and assessing goals for the space; then translate those ideas into visual form.

The state of your living space can have a direct effect on your mood and peace of mind. Notice how you feel when the place you call home is cluttered and it is hard to find the items you need at a moment’s notice. Then notice the shift in your mood once that space has been decluttered, cleaned, and organized. As cliché’ as it may sound, having structure, functionality and order in your home (and in life) is a form of self-care. Your haven reflects who you are, how you feel, and what you value. We can help you create the home life of your dreams.


About the Owner and Lead Designer

Meet Keitris


Hello! My name is Keitris and I am so excited to introduce you to Keep It Together – Spaces & Interiors.

I am a North Carolina native who has loved interior decorating for as long as I can remember. With over 10 years of experience as an independent interior decorator and organizer (also read: I spent years organizing and decorating for free because I enjoyed it); there is not a day that goes by that I am not styling a space or organizing in some way. I am either planning a project or completing one. 

As for formal education, I have a Bachelor’s degree from NC State University and a Master of Science degree from Northeastern University. I am also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

I firmly believe home should look and feel beautiful. Haven living is truly a state of mind.

I can recall adding rooms and drapes to my Fisher Price dollhouse at the age of nine (lol). I was always decorating, rearranging, and organizing my bedroom. Even through college, the aesthetics of my living space remained important to me. I was obsessed with it (in a creative and passionate way). Fast forward to when my husband and I purchased our first home in 2010. It was on. I had every home décor magazine you can think of, and I was always searching for new ways to decorate a room. DIYs became my thing too (never met a screwdriver or can of spray paint I didn’t like). Although I was in another career at the time (print journalism), I recognized my love for decorating and organizing early on. I strongly believe this is one of my assignments while I am here on this Earth. To help others love their homes again – or for the very first time. To assist you in restoring your peace of mind and find comfort in the place you call home.

As a professional organizer and interior stylist, I am also truly passionate about helping others achieve the home life of their dreams. I recognize the feeling of having things out of place; the frustration of wanting a nicely decorated home and not being quite there yet. I also know the feeling of relief when a space I have decluttered and organized is now clean and functional. It is one of the best feelings ever.

When I am not decorating and organizing, I enjoy being mom to my three very-active kids and wife/friend to my loving husband Torre. I have spent the last eight plus years as a stay-at-home mom (since before my oldest daughter was born) and I am thrilled to now be in a space to combine my passion with purpose. I enjoy utilizing my skill set as an interior stylist and natural organizer; and my purpose here is to serve others and help them create the living spaces they have longed for.

Whether it is resting easy in a beautifully styled master bedroom, or simply being able to find the hair dryer in your bathroom cabinet; you deserve to have one less thing to worry about. The world offers enough for us to fret over. The place you reside should be your haven; your safe space, a place of refuge. I look forward to helping you make your home styling/organization to-do list a reality.

Until we meet (again)!

Your friend in style and function,

Keitris W. Matthew